2014 - Purchase by Hummel AG

2012 - Launch of our Neptunox Series

2011 - Evolution of our hermetic series for the development of specific projects according to specifications.

2009 - Renewal of ISO 9001

2006-07 - Award / granting of ISO 9001 release 2000. Introduction of 28cts M27 on the market

2002 - Start of CAO software / system in 3D, UNIGRAPHICS

1998 - Award / granting of ISO 9001 certification

1996-98 - Development and launch of interconnection systems (on the field buses): distributors, molded cords, bases for cabling connectors, M8, M12, M23 and M27

1995 - Start and launching of the « miniature » series HD / ATTO, the power series, Vulcain 175A ...

1995 - Launch of the cabling activity and a plastics processing workshop

1994 - Settlement of an action plan aimed at :
- Industrial excellence (Lean Production)
- Launching of new products with AUTOCAD
- Empowerment of the trade forces

1993 - Creation by JP SCHOLLER and IRPAC of JPS Connectic SA which buys the goodwill and the brand JAEGER Connectors

1992 - Jean-Pierre SCHOLLER, general director of JAEGER UK and of the industrial plant of Amiens (dashboards, 2000 workers) takes over the lead of the plant of Sainte Menehould (150 workers) as well :
- Transfer of the Trading Headquarters and the R&D for connectors to Ste Menehould
- Creation of new services : accounting control - human resources
- Objective is to create a subsidiary by 1997

1987-92 - Industrial Restructuration Plan MAGNETI MARELLI
- Transfer of the production of connectors of JAEGER Châlons to the region of Champagne and then at Sainte Ménéhould in 90/91

1986 - MAGNETTI MARELLI (FIAT) takes the lead over JAEGER SA, creation of UFIMA

1984 - MATRA sells its Avionic Division to Thomson (the current being Sextant Avionique)
The connectors activity joins the Automotive Instrumentation Division
The production is transferred from Vendome to Châtellerault, the research department and the trading department goes to Eragny (Region of Paris)

1981 - MATRA sells to VDO its Watch Making Division (JAEGER Le Coultre)

1980 - MATRA takes control of JAEGER SA, and SOLEX so as to build the Automotive Electronic Branch

1962 - Building of the current being plant of Sainte Ménéhould

1959 - JAEGER SA creates a factory at Sainte Ménéhould. Its major activity is the manufacturing of water temperature electric transmitters, enlighters, coils and telephone dials

1943 - In addition to its watch maker activities and its automotive and avionics instrumentation divisions, JAEGER SA creates a new activity, connector activity, in order to supply the needs of the latter. Design of the first JAEGER connector.

1921 - Edmond JAEGER is nominated as Honorific Chairman of JAEGER SA, a position that he keeps until his death (1922)

1919 - The participation partnership is changed into in a Limited Company JAEGER SA Edmond JAEGER is the chairman and ensures the technical direction

1917 - Creation of an participation partnership
Development of the anemometer (airspeed indicator) with a Venturi horn for aviation, of the mechanics of goniometer Bréguet-Routin-Jaeger

1914 - Creation of the first tachometer with hose : the Cinémometer

1908 - Creation of the first tachometer with recording for the French railway companies

1904 - Creation of a watch making and precise mechanics workshop
Edmond JAEGER gets in touch with JD LE COULTRE
Creation of the brand JAEGER-LECOUTRE (watch, alarm clock, pendulum)

1880 - Creation of the JAEGER company (House) at Epernay

1870 - Edmond JAEGER settles at Epernay

1850 - Birth of Edmond JAEGER at Andlau (Bas Rhin)